Josephine's books are multi-layered fairy tales for all ages, presenting an old tale for a new era. Each book is beautifully illustrated with Josephine's colourful textile collages and enchanting pen drawings. To see sample pages of each book, click on the images below.

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The Magical Master Snowman and the Black Dragon
by Josephine Chaudoin Harrison

The Magical Master Snowman This modern day fairy tale, for adults and children alike, symbolizes the Guardians of the planet in the form of Master Snowman, and greed in the form of the Black Dragon. It is beautifully illustrated with colourful collages and over seventy pen drawings.

With words and magnificent illustrations, Josephine invites children and adults to join hands and step into magical realities of what was, is, and could be. Her presentation is simple and expansive, opening windows of opportunity to share and converse, on topics as diverse as birth, death, love and future possibilities.

Price: $15.00
Trade Paperback / 6 x 9 / 120 pages / 8 colour plates
ISBN 1-844694-12-0

“This book is billed as a fairy tale for all ages, yet it is much more. In the story, Polly, a young child, dies and leaves this life. Harrison applies her special talent for transporting her audience to another world and gives Polly and all of us comfort, reassurance and wonder at what is on the other side. The text is exquisitely illustrated with Harrison's signature works of diaphanous collage. The Master Snowman pictures are both whimsical and powerful, a many-layered, richly textured series of fibre collages that shimmer with depth and color. Children and adults alike are awestruck ...”
Baiba Thomson
Undercurrent, Bowen Island, Canada, Nov. 15th 2002

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The Magic Bird's Nest (The Phoenix)
by Josephine Chaudoin Harrison

The Magic Bird's Nest In this beautifully illustrated sequel to The Magical Master Snowman, Polly, the heroine, has chosen to be reborn in New Zealand. As the story unfolds, Polly develops her innermost potential, sometimes tutored by Mother Earth. Challenge follows challenge en route to fulfilling many of her dreams. With utmost simplicity, Josephine has taken Polly and the young at heart through the rainbow as the phoenix rises from the ashes of its past to guide humanity into an age of global peace.

Price: $15.00
Trade Paperback / 6 x 9 / 136 pages / 8 color plates
ISBN 0-9730555- 1-0

“An inspirational extension of The Magical Master Snowman and the Black Dragon, Josephine Harrison's, The Magic Bird's Nest, continues the journey of Polly, beginning with her rebirth in New Zealand. Teachings from the wise Old Kuia and guidance from her parents help Polly gain insight into her surroundings and compassion towards others. Polly uses her intuition to follow her destiny and find her way to Canada, Colombia, and later Africa, providing invaluable encouragement for every reader. Polly's sense of adventure and spirit for discovery enable the book to explore such subjects as birth, death, and dealing with primeval energies, while her inner light and development are represented by Harrison's phenomenal fabric collages and illustrative ink sketches. Through Polly's journey, this modern fairy tale poignantly shows that by transmitting unselfish love, one can dissolve fear and conflict.”
Paula Hay
eighteen year old student, United World Colleges

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