Josephine Harrison: Artist • Writer • Humanitarian

Photogrpah of Josephine Harrison Josephine studied sculpture at the Norwich School of Art, graduated at the University of Leicester, and studied wildlife in South Africa with her father J. C. Harrison, an accomplished watercolorist and well known bird artist.

Widely travelled, Harrison taught high school students in the UK and Australia, and art and meditation at the Daytona Beach Community College, USA. She is past president of the Theosophical Society in Florida and was chairman of the Parent Advisory Council in Florida.

Harrison has written and illustrated three books, in which many of her images symbolize the world's need for change. She developed her unique textile collage art form, combining the form building of sculpture and the transparency of watercolour. Known as diaphanous collage, these creations with her watercolours have been exhibited internationally.

Exhibitions include: Consider the Children, Sharing, For the Love of Life and An Age of Miracles, a travelling collage exhibit of media reports on unexplained phenomena worldwide.

Josephine is active in the Share International network of Transmission Meditation Groups for world service. She is a founding member of ArtsPacific Guild, an artists' cooperative on Bowen Island, BC, Canada, and for many years had a studio on the island. In 2011, Josephine relocated her studio to Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Diaphanous Collage: A Technique with Enormous Possibilities

Foxgloves In France, L'Echo du Sud-Quest described Josephine's work as having been created by “des doigts de fee” (the fingers of a fairy).

Diaphanous collages can be time consuming, depending on the complexity of the subject. It is a process that spot glues many layers of tulle and similar materials over colourful, light sensitive and textured fabrics, creating in the picture space an effect of light, form and depth.

The prints available on this website are examples of the technique's diverse possibilities, which can range from atmospheric effects similar to those in watercolours, to the depth and dimensions of a stage set in a box frame. Diaphanous collages can be displayed as wall hangings.

All art works and book text on this site are copyright Josephine Harrison.