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The world awaits Maitreya as the Water Carrier
Share International Vol. 7 No. 7
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About Josephine Chaudoin Harrison N.D.D. A.T.D

Some years ago I received a commission from a lady in New Zealand for a textile collage approximately 24"x 30" entitled 'A Sense of Purpose'. The choice of subject was inspired by a photograph in which were caught the moments of a five year old child walking up the path with an air of great determination! On life's journey as artist, teacher and writer I have needed a sense of worthwhile purpose to inspire and challenge me on the path. There have been many steps, some painful, that lacked wisdom; but through these experiences, deeper levels of understanding have awakened. Forgiveness and Freedom are keys to open the heart. is an opportunity to share with you some of my hopes and inspirations through Diaphanous Collages, Watercolours, Modern Day Fairy Tales for all ages, and signed Prints that are an expression of steps towards the fruition of a better world for all peoples and life forms on Planet Earth.

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Artist - Original Diaphanous Collages

Exhibition, Mayfair, London, UK
“Her work has literally to be seen to be believed.”
The Times, UK

Exhibition, ‘Consider the Children’, Ormond Beach, USA

“...Chaudoin has created collages of great beauty and power.”
New Smyrna Beach Observer, Florida, USA

Author and Illustrator - Fairy Tales

The Magical Master Snowman and the Black Dragon

“This moving parable is highly recommended reading and appropriate for all ages.”
The Midwest Book Review, USA

The Magic Bird's Nest (The Phoenix)

“This modern fairy tale poignantly shows that by transmitting unselfish love, one can dissolve fear and conflict.”
Paula Hay, scholarship student at the United World Colleges 2005